The Home Portrait
"At my New Year's Party, my Joann Kenny original home portrait was the center of conversation. Every time I turned around, a different friend was showing it off. My party guests couldn’t stop asking about it!' – Stacy V.

Request a custom illustration of a home for:
• A housewarming gift
• An older couple moving into a condo and leaving their home of many years and memories
• A realtor's 'thank you' gift
• The completion of a renovation
• A birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift for any home owner

Prices range from $130.00 to $475.00 depending on size and amount of color.

I work directly from your photos and ask that you supply a few clean and clear photographs of the home form the angle you like best. Some close ups of interesting detail are a good idea, such as the front door or lighting fixtures.

Contact me at to request "Home Portrait Pricing" which includes various options to consider and their prices or "Photography Guidelines" so your pictures will capture the information necessary to create an outstanding home portrait.

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