The Art Itself

My illustrations feature meticulous attention to detail. My emphasis, however, is strong composition, rich texture, and dramatic tonal contrast. My pen and ink work allows me, not only the minute detail, but strength and conviction in my work. Watercolor, sometimes with colored pencil, is an option available that brings the sparkle and warmth of color into the piece. Ideally, my work captures attention from across the room, and then draws the viewer in to examine its detail.

But there is more to art than skill. I can bring your favorite subject to life on paper. This is a result of listening to you and feeling the subject as you describe it to me. I study your photos and we talk about your beloved pet, home, or whatever is close to your heart. Whenever I work, my goal is to absolutely delight you with the finished product, to exceed your highest expectations, and to capture the spirit within the subject.

No photograph or digitally manipulated image can ever take the place of an original illustration by an artist. I use only archival quality materials so your artwork will never fade or discolor. My customers deserve and can expect the best.


JoAnn Kenny

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